A Million Little Things Round Table: OMG, What Did Gary Just DO?!

What did Gary do?!

It’s one of the biggest cliffhangers from A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 17 and A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 18, and it has our round table reeling, along with Delilah’s audacity, the state of Darcy/Gary and Katherine/Eddie, and much more.

Join Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, Whitney Evans, and Meaghan Frey in discussing all the juicy details!

What are your thoughts on Delilah’s return, her decision to move to France, and her struggles with grief? Was Gary too harsh on her during their blowout?

Christine: I could rant for hours on this. She’s been gone for months, and when she finally returns, she springs it on everyone that she’s moving her family to France! What did Delilah expect?

How could she not think to discuss it with her kids? Did she think her teenagers would be enthusiastic about leaving everyone they know to start over in another country where they don’t even speak the language?

Or how about Eddie, the father of her youngest? Delilah acted like visiting France was no big deal. Darcy put more thought into living two hours from her ex than Delilah seems to have put into moving to a different continent!

But I did think that Delilah’s ongoing struggle with grief was well-done. Most people think you go through the steps of grief, then it’s somehow done, but it comes at you in waves.

It’s clear Delilah’s guilt over her affair has stunted her ability to process her anger toward’s Jon for leaving her. If she thinks running off to France will solve that, she’s likely mistaken.

Jack: Christine said everything I wanted to say. I spent most of the finale wishing Delilah would go back to France … by herself. Her idea that the kids would just accept moving to another country and that Eddie would rarely see his child, especially while in the middle of a custody battle for Theo, was totally ridiculous.

Delilah’s grief was well done, but it didn’t make me any more sympathetic to her because her solution was preposterous and selfish.

Whitney: Has Delilah lost her mind? Moving the children away from their home and family and friends to a new country made absolutely no sense. And it was so convoluted I couldn’t believe it was an actual storyline for her.

It was very clearly not something she thought out at all, and for that reason alone, the people closest to her had every right to react the way they did. They were hurt and confused, and they had every right to feel that way.

I agree with Christine in regards to the way the show addressed Delilah’s continued grief. I would say Delilah suffers from both grief and shame, and leaving Boston isn’t going to make those kinds of emotions disappear. A change of scenery can only do so much for her.

Meaghan: Delilah is a freaking hurricane! Was her coming back ever going to amount to anything other than pure chaos and destruction? I feel for Delilah; I truly do, but running away from your problems doesn’t solve anything.

It’s also incredibly selfish. She isn’t the only one who has been through trauma. Her children have suffered so much between Jon’s death and events in their own lives. What they need is stability, not to have their lives completely uprooted.

This is especially true for Sophie. She has an incredible support system in Boston getting her through what happened with Peter, and she can’t afford to lose that. Delilah needs to get herself into therapy to work through her issues instead of trying to outrun them. I really hope Maggie pushes her to seek help.

Despite the many changes they faced, closing Someday to health and career setbacks, do you think Rome and Regina are in a good place? What do you anticipate the future will hold for them?

Christine: I do think they’re in a good place. Despite their setbacks, Rome and Gina are trying to concentrate on all of the good things in their lives; that’s important.

Rome and Tyrell are bonding over this documentary which bodes well for both their personal and professional futures.

Regina now knows she can run a successful restaurant, but her future depends upon her health. Opening a new restaurant won’t be easy, and it will have to wait until after the pandemic, so she’s got time to figure things out.

The family they’ve made with Tyrell seems solid, and despite everything that’s gone wrong, mentally and emotionally, they seem to be in a really good place.

Jack: They are definitely in a good place. They’re supporting each other and Tyrell through all of this, and even though life hasn’t worked out the way they planned, they have each other.

I wondered what happened with Gina’s concussion, though. Other than her panic attack on the steps, there didn’t seem to be any sign of it or of what had happened to her.

Whitney: Rome and Regina are definitely in a good place, and their relationship feels very solid. Things have been hard for them, but they’ve weathered everything together, even if at times they needed to be reminded to lean on one another.

Tyrell was a wonderful addition to the show and their family.

For as much as he’s learning from them, Rome and Regina have learned so much from them. I hope Rome and Tyrell can make the documentary, and it’s a huge success. And Regina takes care of her health and can find a new passion.

Meaghan: I think they are probably the only ones in a good place. Despite Regina’s health issues and choosing to give up the restaurant, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Tyrell has been the perfect addition to their family. I think having him in their lives has helped them both weather their own storms.

Between Regina losing the restaurant and Rome losing the movie that definitely could have left them both beat down, they found strength through being there for Tyrell.

I don’t foresee Regina hopping right back into the restaurant industry, even once her health issues resolve. I do think that she will find a new way to follow her passion, though. I definitely can see Rome and Tyrell’s movie having great success, and I wonder if it will open the door back up for his original movie — post-pandemic.

Was Eddie’s threat to Katherine shocking or inevitable? Is his offer to take weekly drug tests reasonable?

Christine: Divorce is messy. People get angry and lash out. Attorneys are frequently only concerned about the win and not the well-being of the family.

I expected things to get worse than they did. Even with Theo’s burn, I still think Katherine could have torn Eddie apart in court if it had gone that far. Thankfully, it didn’t.

I thought the regular drug testing was a smart move on Eddie’s part. Not only will it give Katherine peace of mind, but Eddie knows he will be held accountable, which may be important to his recovery. In the end, if it works for both sides, then it’s reasonable.

Jack: I wasn’t surprised. I was disappointed that Eddie went there, even temporarily, but I got that he’s frustrated with Katherine’s intransigence.

Katherine’s boundary is to call first. Fine. He should respect that. But at the same time, it seemed like she was more concerned about not telling Theo “no” to time with Eddie than with what was best for Theo. So Eddie was fighting back in the only way he could think of.

I think the solution he came up with instead is reasonable and should address Katherine’s concerns. If it’s really about making sure Theo is safe and not anything else, she should agree to it.

Whitney: Everything that has happened between Eddie and Katherine this season has been awful. Just plain awful.

From where things started, I never foresaw things headed to a place like this. But having said that, Eddie’s threat was inevitable.

However, a part of me knew that he would never actually do that to Katherine. Despite everything, Eddie loves Theo more than anything. And what will always be best for Theo is his parents putting him first and not letting the issues within their own relationship supersede that.

Drug testing is a good place to start, and it’s a way to hold himself accountable. Hopefully, this is the start of a ceasefire between the two.

Meaghan: I hate this entire storyline because I have been rooting so hard for Eddie and Katherine. To see that this is where things end for them is absolutely devastating.

Eddie’s threats weren’t surprising. As the others said, it was inevitable. Let’s be clear, though — it was more his lawyer’s threat than his own.

The fact that Eddie came clean to Katherine about what his lawyer wanted him to do shows a lot of maturity. I think that Eddie’s offer to Katherine is a great compromise.

However, I think that Katherine should add her own caveat that he needs to show proof of going to regular AA/NA meetings or to therapy to show that he is continuing to put work into staying clean.

A negative drug test is great, but without doing the necessary work on himself, it is just a matter of time before he will slip up.

Katherine isn’t a monster — she isn’t rooting for Eddie to fail. Adding in that requirement will show her desire for him to succeed and make co-parenting work.

How shocked are you by Eddie’s phone call with the woman who hit him? What are your theories on who it is and where this storyline goes from here?

Christine: I was shocked because I’d completely forgotten about that. It’s been so long that I can’t say I really care who hit Eddie. Hopefully, they’ve got an interesting story lined up to keep me intrigued going forward.

Jack: I had pretty much written it off as something that happened that we would never get a resolution to, as so often happens in these kinds of accidents.

Online there is some speculation that Jackie was the one who hit him. I don’t subscribe to that theory, and I really hope that’s not what’s revealed because I liked Jackie a lot. Other than that, I don’t care who it is.

Whitney: I was extremely shocked, and I honestly have no clue who it could be. It wasn’t exactly the most intriguing cliffhanger, because like Christine said, so much time has passed. But there is potential for a very emotional and rewarding storyline for Eddie.

Meaghan: I was completely stunned! I thought the storyline had been put to bed. I’m also on the “not really caring about the woman’s identity” train, but I think it will provide Eddie some necessary closure.

Are you disappointed that Sophie didn’t have enough evidence to get justice? Should she have released Peter’s name on Maggie’s podcast? Any predictions on how that’ll affect her?

Christine: I’m disappointed for Sophie but not at all surprised. She simply didn’t have enough evidence, and the detective was right to show them how Sophie would get ripped apart by a defense attorney. But at least the police have started a file on Peter which should help if someone else comes forward.

I’m guessing there will be backlash for accusing Peter on the podcast by name. Can he sue Sophie for that? Or Maggie?

I hope that the podcast will give other victims the courage to come forward, and that’s what will bring Peter down.

Jack: I wasn’t surprised at all. It often happens in these kinds of cases. I wish it were the way it is on Law & Order: SVU, where the detectives would keep digging until they find more evidence, but sadly, that’s not how it works most of the time.

I was also wondering whether releasing Peter’s name could lead to a lawsuit. But on the other hand, I was also wondering if Sophie could sue him civilly since there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him criminally.

Anyway, was the show live or recorded? If it was recorded, then Maggie might be wise to edit out the name to avoid legal troubles.

In any case, I hope that more victims do come forward after this, and Sophie ends up getting justice after all.

Whitney: I was very disappointed for Sophie, who had to sit there and relive that situation again only to be told there was nothing they could do. But that outcome wasn’t surprising, and although the officer could have approached things better, he wasn’t wrong when he told them that their case wasn’t strong enough.

I thought releasing Peter’s name wasn’t the smartest move, if only because that feels like something Peter could use against her. But hopefully, like Regina, she gains strength from telling her story.

Meaghan: It wasn’t surprising at all, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. A big reason survivors of assault don’t come forward is the fear of not being believed.

I completely understand where the officer was coming from, and I appreciate him letting Delilah know that he believes Sophie, but he went about it all the wrong way.

Going to Sophie and saying that the picture was the reason they couldn’t pursue the case was terrible. Way to victim blame the poor traumatized girl.

He should have explained it the exact way he did to Delilah. Even though Sophie couldn’t pursue a criminal case against him, I wish that the officer had recommended a civil one.

It could have allowed Sophie to tell her story to the jury, potentially find other victims to share their own stories, and most importantly, provide her the chance to confront Peter. I really worry about what is going to happen now that she named Peter on the podcast.

While I’m optimistic that maybe another victim will hear it and come forward, is that actually likely? Probably not. My biggest concern is that Peter will use Sophie naming him as ammunition against Gary eventually.

Did Gary make the right call agreeing to relocate for Darcy and Liam? Is it surprising that they never discussed kids before?

Christine: I don’t think it’s that surprising that they never brought it up. Darcy has a child in middle school, and Gary never mentioned wanting to have kids.

It’s an easy thing to make assumptions about until you actually bring it up, and living together is a catalyst for that type of conversation.

In the end, it sounded like Darcy was at least considering having a child with Gary because he’s already proven himself with Liam and with Delilah’s kids.

In real life, I’d say moving with Darcy is a good decision if he’s serious about a future with her, but this is a TV show, and I don’t know how things work if Gary lives two hours away from all of his friends!

Jack: I feel like we’ve been seeing the beginning of the end of Darcy/Gary, which saddens me because I like them as a couple.

I’m not convinced that Darcy’s decision to move is what’s best for Liam or herself in the first place, and Gary was somewhat impulsive in his own decision to be with her, I think. I’m not sure this is the best idea for either of them.

But I do like that Darcy is at least thinking about things and trying to communicate with Gary. I think that they COULD work through their issues related to having kids IF Gary can avoid going to jail for whatever happens with Peter!

And no, I wasn’t surprised they hadn’t discussed kids before. It hadn’t come up. And they seemed to have gone into super-speed mode since Darcy decided to move, so that’s why it was coming up now.

Whitney: My first thought during that conversation was that I could not believe they had been dating for that long and never discussed having kids. Especially with Darcy already having Liam.

It’s not like it needs to be a first date conversation, but you’d think that at some point, that would have been a discussion for them, just to make sure as they continue to move forward and blend their family, they’re on the same page about what they see in their future.

I love Gary and Darcy. And I was starting to get very sad thinking that this was the end of the road for them. But Gary’s decision to move with Darcy was the right one. However, I have very little faith that will actually happen after the way the episode ended.

Meaghan: From a storyline standpoint, yes, Gary made the right decision. But this is a TV show, and as Christine said, Gary moving two hours away isn’t going to work.

Now that we saw the choice Gary made at the end of the episode, it just confirms that it isn’t going to happen. The truth is going to come out about Gary. Maybe not publicly, but I think Darcy will put the pieces together.

I can’t see Darcy wanting to keep Gary in Liam’s life after crossing that line.

Also, can we talk about the trust issues that are still clearly there on her end? She didn’t call Rome or Eddie or even Delilah to see if Gary was there — she called Maggie. That instinct speaks a thousand words to me.

What do you think Gary plans to do to Peter? Do you think the series jumped the shark here? Or was this a long time coming?

Christine: I love Gary, but he does have a temper, and he doesn’t always think things through. He feels like he failed Sophie. He hadn’t gotten the phone call from Darcy yet, so he likely felt he lost her.

Gary needed to feel like he could control something. I don’t know what his plan is with Peter, but I hope Peter’s wife isn’t home, that the hood stays on Peter’s head, and that Gary’s alibi with his dad holds up or he won’t have to worry about moving with Darcy because he’ll wind up in prison!

Jack: I don’t know what Gary’s plan is, but this is not a good idea. As Christine said, Gary doesn’t always think things through.

I also think that whatever he does could end up hurting Sophie’s case or her efforts to get justice for other survivors, and that’s not going to be good regardless of what happens here.

Whitney: Gary is just a walking ball of emotions hiding behind his humor. And all season, so many things have been festering inside him, and he just hit his limit and literally lost all reason.

I called it Vigilante Gary after watching the episode, and in true vigilante form, he believes he’s righting the wrongs of the police. But taking matters into his own hands is reckless, and in the end, it may do very little to help the situation.

But I feel for him. Even though it was a shocking moment, the whole season felt like it was building to Gary losing a bit of touch with reality.

Meaghan: I can’t imagine that he will take the situation as far as it could go, but I just can’t see his end game. I thought maybe the intention was to get him to confess to what he did to Sophie, but obviously, he would come out and tell the police what happened to him, and his confession wouldn’t matter.

It then also would lead the police right in the direction of any men in Sophie’s life. Here’s to hoping that his alibi with his dad holds up. Also, I know it is a morally grey area, but I love that his dad was willing to be his alibi without a second thought.

What was your favorite moment from the finale? What was your favorite part of the season?

Christine: It sounds cruel, but Danny and Sophie blowing up at Delilah was my favorite moment. Delilah deserves to be happy, and she needs to process her grief, but this decision isn’t just about her.

Her kids have been through so much, and she didn’t even think to consult them about this. Sophie and Danny lost their father, and Delilah has no problem with Charlotte not growing up with hers.

I don’t mean to be unsympathetic to Delilah’s suffering, but this felt selfish and short-sighted. If she thought everyone would be happy with her decision, she’s living in quite the Delilah-centric bubble.

Jack: I have been thrilled with Sophie’s storyline, which sounds weird to say because I definitely am not happy this happened to her.

But it is SO refreshing to see a sexual assault storyline being handled realistically on TV instead of being played for shock value or glamorizing rape/sexual assault. Other than on SVU, the issue is virtually NEVER taken seriously.

The interview at the police station was one of my favorite scenes from the finale for that reason. I also liked Tyrell discovering that he was wrong about how his mother got caught by ICE. That was an emotional moment; in addition, Tyrell really needs to learn not to fly off the handle and jump to conclusions, and he learned that the hard way.

Whitney: I absolutely loved everything about the relationship between Rome and Tyrell. And the scene of them walking down the street and Rome so proud to tell everyone he was his foster Dad made me so happy for the both of them.

Meaghan: Danny comforting Delilah. It was such a quiet moment in the episode, and I’m still mad at the woman, but it was just so emotional!

Danny always will be one of my MVPs; moments like that just show that his emotional maturity far exceeds his age.

Is there anything else you’d like to discuss? What do you look forward to next season?

Christine: I hope that Darcy and Gary somehow manage to stay together in Boston. They make a great couple, and I’d hate to see them end.

I’m very curious to see what happens with Sophie calling out Peter on Maggie’s podcast.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Rome and Regina revisit the subject of a baby or even another foster child in the near future. And we need to see more of Walter and Florence.

I’d also like to see Katherine interact with the other characters more next season.

I can’t wait for Season 4!

Jack: Was I the only one who wished Maggie had gone to the police station with Sophie instead of Delilah? I know Delilah’s her mother, but Maggie has been supporting her throughout this whole ordeal.

I’m looking forward to what happens next for Sophie and hoping Gary comes to his senses and doesn’t get himself in trouble.

And yes, we definitely need more of Walter and Florence.

It feels like a looong wait ’til Season 4!

Whitney: I want Eddie and Katherine to find some peace, both individually and together. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell they ever get back together now, but it would be very nice to see them get to a place where they can be friends.

I want Gary to find a way to avoid prison, and he and Darcy stay together and happy. They snuck up on me as a couple, for which I genuinely am rooting.

Overall, this season was a bit disjointed to me. And I keep harping on it, but the Eddie and Katherine stuff really soured me. But I will back for Season 4!

Meaghan: I desperately want Katherine and Eddie to find some middle ground, at least for Theo’s sake. He doesn’t deserve to stress out over his parents fighting over him or their own issues bubbling over onto him.

Gary needs to stay out of jail or at least have a very short stay. I hope they continue to show Sophie’s journey through her healing process because it has been by far the stand-out storyline of this season for me.

Also, if Delilah could decide just to go back to Paris on her own, I wouldn’t be mad.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Do you agree with our round table?! Give your reactions a whirl in the comments below.

A Million Little Things returns this Fall on ABC.

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