Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 7-19-21: Ericole and Ejami Implode!

Days of Our Lives fans may not be looking forward to the two-week hiatus for Olympic coverage, but at least the soap will be leaving them with some exciting cliffhangers!

It looks like BOTH Ericole and EJami’s relationships will implode, as Sami and Nicole’s secret trysts come out, while Ben plots to stop Ciara and Theo’s wedding.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 7-19-21 promise more than enough drama to keep fans talking until the sudser returns on August 7.

Eric doesn’t take the news well about Nicole and Xander’s one-night stand, judging from the spoiler video.

He punches Xander in the nose, knocking him to the ground!

This is yet another strike against the ex-priest, who seems to constantly make up for his years of service to God with an extremely judgmental and violent streak.

I hope Eric packs his bags and goes back to Africa permanently. I’m not looking forward to another round of Eric berating Nicole and all of Salem ostracizing her when he’s partially to blame for this latest mess.

After all, he abandoned his marriage, even if it was supposedly for a good cause. While Nicole shouldn’t have slept with Xander, Eric shouldn’t have disappeared to the other side of the world… but if history is anything to judge by, nobody is going even to acknowledge that.

Sami is also going to be in hot water, and deservedly so. Her insistence on humiliating Nicole publicly hurt and embarrassed her twin too.

And with some help from Philip and Lucas, Nicole is set to reveal Sami’s secret, too, causing EJ to go nuts. I’m shocked that he didn’t already know about Lucas and Sami’s affair, but some epic karma is headed Sami’s way either way.

Meanwhile, Ben comes up with a ridiculous plan to stop Ciara and Theo’s wedding. Please scroll down for the details about that and everything else that’s happening on Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-19-21.

Xander busts up Nicole and Eric’s anniversary celebration.

Roman really should have locked the door if he didn’t want riff-raff coming off the street during Nicole and Eric’s anniversary party.

Xander already exaggerated and made it sound like he and Nicole had an ongoing affair, which is NOT what happened.

Eric shouldn’t believe a word his arch-enemy says and should have some choice words for Sami as well,  who is making her involvement in this obvious. But instead, it looks like he’s going to take this at face value and start a fistfight.

Nicole lashes out at Sami.

I don’t blame Nicole for fighting back.

A year ago, Sami ruined Nicole and Eric’s wedding and threw Nicole into her own wedding cake! Now she’s paid Xander off to break up Nicole and Eric… when she’s guilty of the same thing that she’s accusing Nicole of doing.

Sami’s one of my favorite characters, but some karma needs to come her way for this — and it will.

EJ wonders if Sami also has a secret.

Sami wasn’t exactly subtle about the fact that she had some sort of plot going on at this wedding, and she’s acted super nervous every time EJ brings up Kristen.

EJ is every bit the abusive, pompous jerk Lucas thinks he is, but he’s not stupid.

He knows something is up, and it’s not going to be long before he finds out exactly what.

Philip suggests Lucas use an embittered Nicole to his advantage.

I don’t like the idea of anyone using Nicole, no matter how right Lucas is about EJ.

However, Sami deserves punishment for what she did, and the idea of the man she threw away for EJ delivering her karma thrills me no end.

And Nicole has been looking to get the goods on Sami for a while, so is Lucas really using her, or is he just helping her with what she’s wanted to do all along?

Abe urges Theo to postpone the wedding.

It’s about time someone tried to talk some sense into Theo.

Theo has been taking everything Ciara says at face value while it’s clear to viewers that she’s just using him to get back at Ben.

Hopefully, Abe’s concerns will include Theo not seeing the situation for what it is because of his Autism and some choice words about Ciara taking advantage of his son.

Paulina has big news for Abe and Lani.

Paulina’s big news had better be that she’s halted the plans to demolish the Square.

As Abe told her, that’s the ONLY way she can earn anyone’s forgiveness.

And realistically, Days of Our Lives can’t demolish Horton Town Square without fans rioting! So this needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

While preparing for her wedding, Ciara gets into an altercation with Claire.

Ciara really looks like a fairy tale dragon spitting fire, doesn’t she?

But I’m not looking forward to this one bit. Ciara has been nasty and spiteful ever since she returned to Salem, and the sooner she leaves again, the better.

This also may be part of Ben’s stupid plan to kidnap her. If so, I don’t understand why Claire is going along with it when she already talked him out of this nonsense once.

Lucas makes an admission to Sami.

Hopefully, Lucas is confessing more than his love for Sami, which we all know about already.

I’d love for him to go against the usual soap tropes and admit right away that he was behind EJ finding out that Lucas and Sami slept together.

Sure, Sami’ll be mad as hell, but that’s better than these two getting together only for it to fall apart when she finds out the truth… or for them to start their renewed relationship with a big secret threatening to ruin everything!

Besides, with Lucas and Sami, fury almost always turns into passionate love.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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