Lisey’s Story Season 1 Episode 7 Review: No Light, No Spark

Boo’ya Moon giveth, Boo’ya Moon taketh away.

Scott’s greatest blessing turned into a curse on Lisey’s Story Season 1 Episode 7.

Scott’s last big secret, how and why he died, was finally revealed. And his death deserved the half of the episode which it received.

And like much of Scott’s life, his death was a sad one.

Someone who survived being shot in the chest deserved better than that.

Scott ended up becoming a victim of circumstance.

For decades, the pool at Boo’ya Moon helped the Landon brothers be fast healers. But like with Paul on Lisey’s Story Season 1 Episode 5, the pool failed Scott in the end.

The fallout from the scratch which Paul gouged into Scott’s leg during his final days hadn’t been explored. Until now, when it proved fatal after the Long Boy blocked Scott’s path to the pool during his last trips.

Even Scott’s fame couldn’t save him from that part of his past.

Even as Scott strolled into his final reading through a throng of his avid fans, he was wracked by coughing, a foreshadowing of what was to come.

You would have thought that someone who had been shot by a crazed fan would have been a bit more cautious. That thought was reinforced was the fan who appeared to be armed, only to turn over the magic-wand replica to Scott.

But that wouldn’t have been Scott, who appeared to have taken what life threw at him with equanimity. After all, he had seen much stranger things than this world has to offer.

Naturally, when Scott started finding blood everywhere, he went back to Boo’ya Moon, which wasn’t nearly as hospitable as it normally was.

No, for some reason, the Long Boy was choosing just then to block the paths to the healing pool. Why such a mindless beast would choose to do certainly wasn’t explained yet, although it must have had a reason.

Maybe it’s because of that sarcastic redhead who keeps popping in uninvited.

But the show must go on, and Scott took the stage unhealed, which turned out to be an ill-conceived idea. Maybe he should have canceled at the last minute.

Based on his reading, Scott appeared to enjoy his interactions with his fans, so that probably was why he forged ahead regardless of how badly he felt.

However, the pool water from Boo’ya Moon came spewing out of him and with it all the healing magic that he had enjoyed through the years.

It was little wonder that the doctor couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with Scott, as all of his organs, no longer protected by the water, began to shut down.

Lisey had to know this day was coming, as being dependent on a magical cure was asking for trouble. If you can’t explain it, you can’t rely on it.

Still, it was heartbreaking as her strange soulmate expired of his wounds after magically bouncing back so many times.

Lisey was mired in grief, drifting through his funeral and reception. Her coping method seemed to be stripping down his office while talking to Scott as he took up a seat for his afterlife in Boo’ya Moon.

It was effectively revealed that present-day Lisey had been reminiscing about those horrible days while waiting for her showdown with her stalker Dooley.

At least she had backup in the form of Darla and Amanda, armed only with a hockey stick. It was laughable to watch that pair trudge through the woods in the rain. But at least they were there for Lisey in such a dangerous moment.

Lisey tried to get answers about Boo’ya Moon and doubles from Amanda, who you would have thought would have had more answers.

But all she had to offer was Scott’s mentioning the importance of “Lisey’s Story,” which brought a blank look from Lisey herself. Maybe its purpose will become clear in the finale.

Pin Dooley down, and then Lisey will take him to Boo’ya Moon. Darla and Amanda were right when they declared that Lisey had a half-assed plan. When the recently catatonic woman tells you that you haven’t thought things through enough, believe her.

Dooley continued to prove how dangerous he was, shooting Officer Beckman on his way into Lisey’s house. Beckman should have paid more attention to his gut. And how did the sisters not hear that? Too busy arguing?

What was essential was that Lisey determined how to get into Dooley’s head, piecing together that he and Scott’s shooter had met at a mental hospital.

Also, the miniature lighthouse finally played a role, blinding Dooley, who was wearing night-vision goggles.

However, expecting three housewives to take down a crazed stalker was asking too much, especially since they had a hardcover, a hockey stick, and a gun they didn’t know how to use for weapons. They were overmatched.

The rains came just in time to keep Lisey from being choked out, and she was able to transport them both to Boo’ya Moon.

Now that she’s got him there, her plan is sound. The loud Dooley is bound to attract the Long Boy. If not, Lisey has ketamine and a shovel as a fallback plan.

To revisit Lisey’s evolution, watch Lisey’s Story online.

Were you surprised about how Scott died?

Did you expect the sisters to do that badly against Dooley?

Will the Long Boy get him?

Comment below.

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