Random: What’s Happened To Bayonetta 3, Platinum?

One game we thought was in with a chance to be shown at Nintendo’s E3 Direct this year was Bayonetta 3.

Hours before the show, the game’s director Hideki Kamiya retweeted a post by Nintendo – leading many fans to believe they would be hearing and perhaps even seeing the next entry in the series at the event.

Instead, the PlatinumGames announcement of the broadcast turned out to be a DLC update for The Wonderful 101. Kamiya has since been on the receiving end of some angry messages for not delivering, and well now, a lot of fans are left wondering what’s going on with the next entry in the series.

As highlighted above, Bayonetta 3 was announced all the way back in December 2017 at The Game Awards, and now The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel (a game announced in 2019) looks like it will arrive first.

Apart from The Wonderful 101 DLC, earlier this week during Square Enix’s E3 broadcast Platinum’s new game Babylon’s Fall got a new trailer – so it’s clearly busy with that, too. PlatinumGames’ co-founder Atsushi Inaba has also previously mentioned how the developer doesn’t have much say over projects it’s not publishing – potentially pushing the blame onto Nintendo, when it comes to Bayonetta 3.

“We don’t have that much say over projects that we’re not publishing. And we understand different titles require different approaches, so we respect the publisher’s decisions.”

So, what do you think has happened to Bayonetta 3? When do you think we’ll learn more about this anticipated release? Vote in our poll and leave a comment down below.

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